US EPA Approved Cann-Care™ Products ... for ALL Plants

Cann-Care has developed products that are approved by the federal government (EPA). AzaPRO™   VIOLA CS™   NemaSTAR™   RotSTAR™ QueSTAR™

These  are based on natural plant extracts and microbial products. They have broad uses; labelled for ALL plants and a wide range of pests. Cann-Care offers multiple NATURAL solutions for Integrated Pest Management. Using "multiple modes of action" for complete control without resulting in resistance is more likely.

Cann-Care™ presently has five EPA approved products  with more on the way. We are rolling out nationwide availability.   Available only in States that have approved the sale and use. 

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AzaPRO™ EPA Reg. No. 92629-1 is a botanical product for curative control of mites and  insects on ALL plants including ornamental trees, shrubs, flowers, garden vegetables, turfgrass, fruit trees and nut trees.
AzaPRO™ has repellent, anti-feedant properties and acts as an oviposition deterrent for some insects. When used as a component of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program, AzaPRO™ provides an effective resistance management tool.


RotSTAR Front Label.png


RotSTAR™ EPA Reg. No. 92629-2 is an organic extract from a plant that grows in really harsh places; but it has what it takes to flourish!  We extract its essence for use on ALL crops to protect against powdery mildew and Bud Rot, Root Rot, and stem rot. Use RotSTAR™ as a preventative and curative application on ALL plants.

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Viola CS

VIOLA CS™ EPA Reg. No. 92629-4 is a biological miticide-insecticide made from fermentation  of natural microbes for use on ALL plants against the pests listed in the Directions for Use section. VIOLA CS™ is a preventative rather than a curative with no harmful leaf burn even with frequent use.  VIOLA CS™ is a dry granule that is mixed with water and applied as a foliar spray for control of above-ground pests or applied as a soil drench for control of below-ground pests.